Best Minecraft Seeds 1.18 (November 2021)

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.18 (November 2021)

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We leave you with some of the best seeds that we have found in the community for Minecraft for November 2021 with which you can take advantage of the 1.18 update.

In this list of the best Minecraft seeds for November 2021, we put together the ones that we think can offer more fun and spectacularity.

With the arrival of the new update focused on continuing to increase the possibilities of the mountains, here we leave you some seeds with which to give life and unleash your adventures in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.18 (November 2021)

Seed: 1635965210870703300

This seed will immediately transport you to the classic village hidden in a valley, as if it were a mysterious ninja town. Forests, rivers and grasslands characterize this seed of Kidfury000.

Seed: 3969420520284585470


A small town at the foot of the snow-filled mountains is the work of szmirgley. So you can take the opportunity to continue familiarizing yourself with the Alpine proposal of Caves and Cliffs part 2.

Seed -3233569307804235645


The work of the same author, this seed forms a huge lake located between steep walls. A perfect view with a nearby town to jump head first into this spectacular lake.

These are not the only valid ones you can find. Here we leave you with the best seeds for version 1.17 of Minecraft, in case you want to see some more ideas.

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