Bargain on Xbox Series S! It goes down to 269 euros and you can have it tomorrow at home with free shipping

Bargain on Xbox Series S!  It goes down to 269 euros and you can have it tomorrow at home with free shipping

Given the difficulty of getting a PS5 or an Xbox Series X, the Series S becomes a very attractive alternative, cheaper and with stock from now on.

Christmas this year is going to be especially busy when it comes to buying consoles, or at least trying to buy them, since getting a PS5 or Series X is practically mission impossible, something that forces users to choose somewhat more viable alternatives, such as the S Series or the Nintendo Switch.

In the case of the Xbox Series S there is also an offer for Black Friday 2021 that leaves it much cheaper, for only 269 euros. It is sold by practically all stores at the same price, although Amazon seems to have quite a few units and with free shipping.

If you also have an Amazon Prime account, you will have it at home tomorrow. If you can not sign up for the free trial month without permanence, which also gives you access to rewards and free Prime Gaming games.

Obviously, the power of the Series S is not equal to that of Series X, although it has quite a few advantages beyond the price.

For example, you can sign up for Game Pass Ultimate, which costs just 39 euros for three months. In this way you can play hundreds of games without paying more, with a flat rate and even without having to install them on the console thanks to xCloud.

We have been able to thoroughly test it with very good results in practically all areas, although the main downside is that it does not have a reader for physical games and depends heavily on the Microsoft Store and Game Pass, which is practically essential to enjoy it.

That said, for the 269 euros that it costs right now, the truth is that there are few drawbacks, especially in the absence of next-generation alternatives, a shortage of stock that everything points to going long.

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