Babylon’s Fall uses assets from Final Fantasy XIV, and its creators explain why

New gameplay trailer for Babylon's Fall, PlatinumGames' games as a service coming to PS4, PS5 and PC

Babylon’s Fall, the PlatinumGames and Square Enix game, reuses assets from Final Fantasy XIV, and its creators explain why, surprised by the controversy.

Babylon’s Fall, the cooperative action game from PlatinumGames to be published by Square Enix, is getting closer little by little, and although it has no date yet, recently we were able to test a beta on PS5, seeing what form this game is taking, which caused quite a controversy in its announcement.

This latest beta was not spared of controversy either, when many fans noticed that some objects in the game closely resembled those in the online game Final Fantasy XIV.

That is no coincidence, and indeed the Platinum Games game uses some assets from Final Fantasy XIV, as explained Naoki Yoshida (director of FF XIV) and Yosuke saito (producer of Babylon’s Fall at Square-Enix), via NovaCrystallis.

Both teams have collaborated to reuse some of the assets of FF XIV in Babylon’s Fall, in the same way as previously the expansion Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers repurposed character models, movement data, and music from NieR Automata.

I am a huge fan of online games myself, as a gamer and as a developer. That’s why I couldn’t be happier if Babylon’s Fall succeeds and revives Japanese online gaming. That’s why I thought en also use the assets of FFXIV.

“We have so many that it would be a shame to limit them to just FFIXIV, and that’s how it all started. Back then, I didn’t think it was going to be so controversial.“Yoshida confessed.

Saito also clarified that thanks to using those borrowed files have been able to include a much larger variety of objects than the one they had originally planned.

However, the visual aspect of most of the objects in the game is original from Babylon’s Fall, and those that have been borrowed have been modified and supervised by the Final Fantasy XIV team.

Also, most of the items borrowed from FF XIV are early game, which is why they come out so much in the beta, but they shouldn’t be as common in the end game.
Babylon’s Fall will come out sometime in 2022 as a game as a service, and will be exclusive to PS4, PS5 and PC. Meanwhile, the expected expansion Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is out in December.

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