Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man almost made it into MCU canon with one detail removed

Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man almost made it into MCU canon with one detail removed

The Avengers of 2012 almost included a reference that would have made The Amazing Spider-Man, the Andrew Garfield saga, canon … but it was removed.

Spider-Man is, right now, a fundamental character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has appeared in the last three Avengers event films (counting Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame), and is about to close his own trilogy with Spider-Man No Way Home, sharing the screen with Iron Man, Nick Fury and Dr. Strange.

However, when the first Avengers movie came out in 2012, few would have believed it, because Spider-Man was a long way from the MCU at the time, and it was released almost at the same time as The Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot with Andrew Garfield.

Although Sony had plans to make its own Marvel-Sony Cinematic Universe (with ideas of putting out Venom and Sinister Six movies connected to Garfield’s canon, in between the Marc Webb movie saga, the Avengers movie almost included a nod to The Amazing Spider-Man.

The final climax of The Avengers takes place in New York, and The Amazing Spider-Man producers at Sony, Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach, called for the Oscorp tower featured in the film, as one of the tallest towers on the skyline. of Manhatta, was included in the Avengers movie.

Nevertheless, in the end it did not happen like that, but not because Marvel / Disney refused, but because when they asked the digital effects team had already created the digital environment of New York that they would use for the final battle, and it would be too expensive to include the Oscorp tower detail.

In the end, none of that happened and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man never entered the MCU … for now. But interestingly, an upcoming movie from Sony’s Spider-Man Villains Cinematic Universe, Morbius, it does include an equal reference: the Oscorp tower, the same as in The Amazing Spider-Man.

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