Tails of Iron gets the free Bloody Whiskers expansion, with new missions, bosses and weapons

Tails of Iron gets the free Bloody Whiskers expansion, with new missions, bosses and weapons

Meridiem Games announces the free expansion ” Bloody Whiskers ” for Tails of Iron, which is now available for download on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Tails of Iron is one of the more challenging games of this 2021, which has surprised us by its lovely art style, and his great medieval adventure starring unique rats.

Developed by Odd bug studio and distributed by Meridiem Games In our country, this difficult action RPG presents us with a new adventure, which can be downloaded for free if you already have the base game.

We talk about Bloody Whiskers, the free expansion for Tails of Iron Coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch today. We detail all its news.

After saving the Kingdom from Rats in Tails of Iron, King Redgi embarks on a challenging adventure with new missions (set after the game), bosses, weapons and other news.

With the tyrannical Greenwart, now defeated, the vast lands of King Redgi echo with celebrations. But the newly crowned savior isn’t free to rest easy on his throne just yet. As decreed by an ancient Rat tradition, the new King must prove himself … in a test of mortal combat.

The great advantage is that this expansion is 100% free for everyone who already owns Tails of Iron, and is part of an update that is now available on all platforms.

Specifically, Bloody Whiskers incorporates two new difficulty modes, a series of additional missions, five new bosses, extra weapons and armor… and a big undisclosed secret.

Tails of iron

As tradition dictates, Redgi is still unable to reclaim her throne. First, he will have to face the greatest warriors of the Kingdom … and discover the great secret of the ”door closed.

These are all detailed news from Bloody Whiskers for Tails of Iron:

  • Free download on all platforms for players who already own Tails of Iron.
  • Expansion of the main quest chain.
  • Five new dramatic gruesome boss fights.
  • Five new outfits (includes previously available Halloween skins)
  • Five new weapon skins (includes previously available Halloween weapon skins)
  • Two beautiful new rooms to explore, including the mysterious and previously closed King’s Chambers.
  • Two new difficulty modes: “Bloody Whiskers” – Hard Mode (not suitable for people with weak mustaches) and “Fairy Tail” – Easy Mode (for players who want to experience the story safely)

With these two new difficulty modes, all players will be able to enjoy the adventure of Tails of Iron … and discover the exciting battles that Bloody Whiskers brings.

The Bloody Whiskers expansion is now available to all Tails of Iron players, playable at PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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