Battlefield 2042: How to Unlock Skins and Cosmetics for Specialists

Battlefield 2042: How to Unlock Skins and Cosmetics for Specialists

We explain the process by which you will be able to get a lot of skins and cosmetics for your games to Battlefield 2042, both for the operators and for the weapons.

In the cinematic action of Battlefield 2042 Surely you want your operator or character to be as modern as possible on the battlefield, and that is why you will surely love to get a lot of cosmetics, not only skins for the character’s wardrobe but also for our weapons.

The unlocking of skins or cosmetics in Battlefield 2042 is something very particular, working differently from what we have seen in previous iterations of the series, and that is why it should be clarified so that you can use it according to the type of cosmetics you want go getting.

We can get a multitude of skins in Battlefield 2042, and the only thing we can tell you from the start is that you are going to have to play a lot to unlock the most important ones.

Battlefield 2042: Unlock Skins for Specialists

The easiest way to unlock cosmetics and skins for specialists and weapons is to play and play. You must dedicate quite a few hours of play because it will not only be worth it to level up, but also to unlock those cosmetics that you have surely seen other players and that you would also like to have.

Note that the game has a set of weapon challenges that you must complete and that they are going to unlock new accessories.

Battlefield 2042

There are common gray, rare blue, epic purple, and legendary gold cosmetics.

The former will allow us some very basic customization changes, while the more advanced are the ones you want to achieve.

You could say that the above are base cosmetics and that you will be able to achieve naturally while you play games.

But the idea is that you also complete the mastery challenges for each of your weapons, since these mastery challenges also apply to vehicles and specialists. In this way, Mastery Badges is what you should finally focus on.

Not only will we be able to get a lot of experience boost when we unlock these cosmetics, but we will also let the rest of the rivals know that we are an experienced player. In addition, as we begin to raise our mastery level, the color will change, something that will reflect our progress.

It should be noted that as you go up new levels of mastery you also unlock new cosmetics for the weapon you have been using.

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