Amouranth’s New Trick To Capture Audience On Twitch Is Generating Noise Again: Playing Twister In Yoga Pants

Amouranth's New Trick To Capture Audience On Twitch Is Generating Noise Again: Playing Twister In Yoga Pants

Amouranth has pulled another trick up his sleeve to continue gaining audience on Twitch. He has started playing Twister in yoga pants and has once again divided the community.

On Twitch count on a good audience base is essential to be able to continue living on the direct ones. For this reason, new ways of capturing the attention of viewers and attracting new audiences always tend to generate a lot of noise.

The queen in looking for new ways to exploit the live platform is Amouranth, the controversial streamer that always ends up generating debate on the platform for the ways it innovates when it comes to its content.

After the hot tubs, the erotic ASMR or having profited from the new Twitch category (Animals, Aquariums and Zoos) it is time to throw a classic, the Twister.

Sure enough, Amouranth’s new broadcasts now focus on she playing twister with yoga pants and once again, the streamer has returned to tinkering with the limits of Twitch and the opinions of the number of users.

Some have already commented, as a joke or joke that the streamer had done it again, had already established a new goal on Twitch, which unleashed the protagonist’s own response.

People think innovation is just having a good idea, but a lot of it is just moving fast and breaking things.she commented as she quoted Mark Zuckberg, Meta’s CEO, to ask him to make her CEO.

More than 10,000 viewers were watching the Amouranth broadcast by the time he got his “dance moves” out so he might as well have caught the attention of others and other streamers to turn the Twister into the hot new content on Twitch.

Although the Twister alone gives what it gives, the truth be told in passing. On the other hand, recently Amouranth herself was the protagonist after bringing to light some of the questionable brand proposals she received.

Source: GameRant

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