Hitman 3 details its roadmap to 2022: new game modes, virtual reality on PC, events and more

Hitman creators, IO Interactive, open studio in Barcelona that will work on Hitman, Project 007 and an unannounced game

IO Interactive announces great news coming to Hitman 3 in 2022, starting with VR mode for PC, new events, game modes, DLC …

If you like spy and stealth games, Hitman 3 is one of the best options available in the market. The title of IO Interactive it is, in fact, the most successful installment of the entire franchise.

Although its popularity has declined in the second half of the year, its creators have ambitious plans underway for Hitman 3 heading into 2022, and have detailed these news.

In a full trailer (which you see just above) Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive, has announced the content coming to Hitman 3 in the months to come, and there will certainly be plenty of incentives to keep playing.

Perhaps the juiciest is the virtual reality mode for Hitman 3 on PC. The adventure of Agent 47 could already be played in VR mode thanks to PS VR, and in January 2022 this option will be available in compatible.

Another great novelty will be the mode Elusive Target Arcade. Similar to temporary events, these contracts will rotate over the weeks, awarding new rewards to players.

IO Interactive states that will give more details of this game mode Coming soon, but it looks like a covert season system, which will give Hitman 3 a lot of life for the next year.

Hitman 3

For PC gamers, Abrak has confirmed that Hitman 3 will receive an update with DLSS and Ray Tracing support in 2022, in addition to the aforementioned virtual reality mode for Oculus.

As a last point (and without going into too much detail), IO assures that there are also new DLC in development for the story, temporary contracts, events and cosmetics.

So far we have had a very interesting first year for Hitman 3. For example, contracts based on the Seven Deadly Sins were introduced months ago, available on all platforms.

The second year of Hitman 3 seems exciting. If you have already finished the game, wait to see everything to come in 2022, both for PC gamers and for console users or Google Stadia.

Hitman 3 is available from January 20 this year at PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch and Stadia. Also, remember that IO is working on a new James Bond game, known as Project 007.

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