Bethesda is working on a patch for Skyrim Anniversary Edition that fixes the problems with mods and black screen

Bethesda is working on a patch for Skyrim Anniversary Edition that fixes the problems with mods and black screen

Some Skyrim Anniversary Edition players are reporting black screen shots and mod issues on the PS4 version, and Bethesda is working on a fix.

One of the games brighter Bethesda’s is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, an RPG that has recently met 10 years since its launch with the Anniversary Edition for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

There are many of you who are enjoying Skyrim Anniversary Edition, which brings together the base game, all the DLC and great news such as the Creation Club or the fishing minigame.

The arrival of the Anniversary Edition brought with it the update 1.6. for Skyrim in all its versions … and this one has given more than one headache. Especially on PC and PS4.

We already told you last week that some mods do not work correctly in Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and now PS4 users are running into black screens when loading game.

As reported PC Gamer, Skyrim Anniversary Edition suffers from crashes when loading certain games on PS4, and this occurs both in games with mods and without them. It also happens in the Special Edition.

Specifically, the PlayStation community reports endless loading screens, fades to black or an old bug that appeared in the Special Edition: ”0 kb in system storage”, apparently because of the content of the Creation Club.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Through a message on Discord, Bethesda has promised that they are working on a patch to fix these bugs. If everything runs its course, this update will arrive early next week.

We are aware of the 0kb error some PS4 players are experiencing, as well as the ‘black screen’ issue. The team has been working on a fix for these (it’s taking a bit longer than we should like) and hope they get resolved asap

Meanwhile, modders come to the rescue of Skyrim Anniversary Edition. In fact, it is already available a mod to bring the game back to version 1.5.97 (apparently without errors).

In addition to these bugs in the PS4 version, PC users also suffered from crashes and fades to black some days ago. This is due to the fast execution of the game scripts in this version.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition is now available in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. If you already have the Special Edition of The Elder Scrolls 5, you can update it for 19.99 euros and get this spectacular 10th anniversary version.

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