Snapchat teams up with Sony Music and adds new augmented reality lenses

Following in the wake of TikTok’s success, Snapchat just announced his new deal with Sony Music Entertainment to include your artists’ music in your app’s music library, along with the arrival of a new filter for lenses, with which we can recommend and share music and video content together with some special effects in augmented reality.

And it is that since the launch of the Sounds function last year, the company indicates that its users have created more than 1,200 million videos, which has generated almost 77,000 million visits.

Still no date but under the anticipation of an imminent arrival, we will soon be able to find the new Sound Lenses with songs and preset sounds, so that it transforms the images of the user so that it appears that he is singing a song; as well as the new Lenses with Sound Cameos that will add visual effects to make you and a friend the stars of your own animated music video. These new Sound Lenses will provide a more immersive music experience and open a powerful and efficient avenue for artists to share their music on Snapchat.

To find the Lenses with Sounds, we will only have to look for these effects that have a musical note icon on their thumbnail. On the other hand, when a friend sends us their snaps with music, we can learn more about that music by sliding up, while the link “Play this song” will open a Linkfire window so that you can listen to the complete song on your streaming platform preferred such as Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music.

In fact, although this time it is expected we will find a greater integration, in recent years we have already seen other partnerships between these two companies, with examples such as augmented reality glasses in support of the launch of the collaboration between Kygo and Whitney Houston. for the unreleased version of “Higher Love”, the lens of Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man for “Giant”, as well as that of G-Eazy & Halsey for “Him and I”, among other artists.





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