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Customize the Windows 11 Start Menu with Start11

For years, Microsoft has been searching for an ideal start menu for its operating system without much success, keeping the option to revert to the previous model to alleviate criticism. Nevertheless, Windows 11 finally establishes a fixed model without the option to revert to previous models, something that in addition to not having liked many, has allowed the popularization of tools such as Start11.

And it is that although the change of the new operating system is undoubtedly a revolution, not everyone finishes seeing the appeal of the new start menu focused on the functionality that Windows 11 proposes, with a simplification that in many cases involves some limitations with respect to its predecessors.

Luckily, after several beta versions, Start11 is finally available to allow us to customize Windows 11 With some of the most characteristic aspects of the current Windows 10 start menu, it improves the taskbar experience for many users. However, since Microsoft has removed the Live Tiles functionality, unfortunately we will still be able to find some limitations for customization that will prevent us from making a complete return to the previous model.

Still, the software provides a host of customization tools for the Windows 11 start menu and start button, even allowing you to hide the new search bar. Although for those who want a quick fix, we will also have some predefined start menu templates to get the most out of Microsoft’s operating system such as support for pages in start menu layouts, improved search capabilities, and the ability to create shortcut links.

In addition, Start11 is also compatible for use in Windows 10, offering a reverse functionality to bring the changes from Windows 11 to the current operating system, allowing you to focus the taskbar and other new “tricks” of the new version.

Nevertheless, it is not a free tool, presenting a monthly cost of 6.99 euros for a team, and superior offers for multiple computers. It may sound expensive, but it offers more customization options than Microsoft would allow anyway.





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