Jurassic Park instantly became an icon of pop culture and Science fiction back in 1993, when Steven Spielberg discovered to the world of cinema the imaginary of the novels of Michael crichton.

An isolated theme park on a Costa Rican island called Isla Nublar managed to bring to life dinosaurs extinct 65 million years ago through genetic manipulation.

The plan? Monetize it, of course. Like a futuristic zoo, John hammond and its investors wanted the masses to visit the park to see these extinct beings more alive than ever.

But they didn’t say the magic word, so a sabotage started what Dr. Ian Malcolm said was only a matter of time: disaster.

One of the most iconic moments in Jurassic Park was the one that saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex escaping from his fence, breaking through the fence and wreaking havoc among the “test visitors.”

The tremendous reptile would claim its first victim and demonstrate its potential killer, while viewers enjoyed a visual spectacle never before seen on screen.

Now, nearly thirty years after Jurassic Park hit theaters, a Twitter user has made a “priceless” modification to the iconic scene.

The Tyrannosaurus turns into a gigantic cat that only wants to eat and play, and of course, the protagonists have a good batch of food cans on hand.

The timing of the scene is hilarious, with those little food can grafts to give it added verisimilitude.

The video has become a viral effect, being shared on the network this Halloween. And as a gift it has a “post-credits scene” with Sam neill and the micho enjoying the beauty.

Our next appointment with Jurassic Park will be at Jurassic World: Dominion, with Colin trevorrow closing the new trilogy definitively.