Fortnite will close its servers in China after three active years, as can be read in a official announcement issued by the country’s website.

Translated from Chinese, and collected by, the Chinese version of Fortnite will close the servers and it will no longer be possible to play from next November 15.

Known by a local name that is translated as “Night Fortress“(Fortress Night), they now refer to this version of the game as a “proof“, despite being launched in 2018.

According to the translation that GI offers us, the official announcement on the web also indicates that it is no longer possible to register more users or download its launcher.

The servers will be shut down during the morning – local time – of November 15, after which players will no longer be accepted for logins for play fortnite.

It looks like, He has contacted Epic Games and Tencent for more information, but at the moment there is no news about it.

The Chinese version of Fortnite was released in 2018 and was published by the local giant Tencent, which invested $ 15 million initial in her.

According TheGamerIt was only available to players from an authorized internet provider and had quite a few differences from the standard version of Fortnite; for instance, there were no transactions.

Despite all this, there are no explanations by either party for the Fortnite blackout in China, although the announcement has been made in the middle of a cessation of online games by the Chinese government.

Already in August, said government restricted minors play online video games for more than 3 hours per week -one every Friday, Saturday and Sunday- in addition to monthly spending caps.

Since then there have been several reports suggesting that these measures will cause the process to stop. new online games slow down.