Arena of Valor is one of the most successful mobile games in history, a MOBA that boasts an outrageous 100 million daily active users worldwide, and has grossed more than $ 10 billion since its launch in 2015.

Arena of Valor really is the official international adaptation of the game known in China as Honor of Kings. And Tencent, through its study TiMi Studio Group, has announced an expansion of the franchise in the form of an open world RPG, called Honor of Kings: World.

Honor of Kings: World has been seen in this spectacular trailer, with real-time third-person action in a colorful world, with sparkling effects and reflections in the water that seem from another world.

It is also a collaboration with Liu Cixin, a popular Chinese science fiction writer, author of the Three Bodies Trilogy of Alien Encounters, which has been translated into several languages, including Spanish

According Gematsu, Cixin will be in charge of bringing his vision of Chinese culture and aesthetics to the world of Honor of Kings, in a similar way to how George RR Martin has worked at Elden Ring to create and develop the lore, although the script was not his own.

Honor of Kings World is planned to have a worldwide release, but they have not said date or platforms.

TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent and authors also of Call of Duty Mobile and Pokémon Unite, is expanding to the multiplatform AAA style of play, with a view to being distributed worldwide, which is why they opened a studio in Montreal this summer.