Goldeneye 007, the Nintendo 64 video game, comes off the “black list” in Germany. In 1998, Rare’s game was included in a list of video games and other media deemed harmful to young people by Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien, or Federal Department of Harmful Content for Young People.

Although this did not prohibit the game, it did prohibit advertising and selling it to minors. But as it reports Nintendo Everything, is no longer the case, and Goldeneye is no longer “banned” in Germany.

The explanation is the following… and can be talked about. This German department automatically reviews every 25 years all the products included in the list. But since it was included in 1998, it means that until 2023 it would not have been revised.

Actually, it was her own Nintendo of Europe, through an intermediary, which asked the German entity to review the Goldenete 007 case, which resulted in the release of the game from the list.

Why would Nintendo be interested in rescuing a 25-year-old game that is no longer marketed in any way … if not because they plan to do something with it? The process, in addition, would not be free, as pointed out in Reddit.

The most obvious speculation is that Nintendo plans to relaunch the game on its newly released service. Nintendo Switch Online with Nintendo 64 games. Precisely, 007 Goldeneye has not left prison alone: ​​with him they have left BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2, two games from the year 2000 that got remastered this fall.

If Nintendo were to release Goldeneye on Nintendo Switch Online, it should sweep away all impediments first, and having it banned from advertising it in Germany, as incredible as it sounds, was one of them.

In fact, the harsh German restrictions have already caused headaches for Techland, whose version of Dying Light on Switch is not sold in the European eShop because gambling is prohibited in Germany … and the eShop is headquartered in Germany.

In any case, the arrival of Goldeneye, the undisputed classic of Nintendo 64 to the Switch Online catalog has a major impediment: the rights continue to belong to EON, the James Bond license is not cheap at all, and it also includes the appearance rights of Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

Precisely, an attempt to relaunch a remastering of Goldeneye on Xbox Live was canceled fifteen years ago, and not even Microsoft, which is exploiting the Rare legacy with compilations like Rare Replay, has been able to do anything with Goldeneye to date.