Get the hidden ending in Inscryption: encrypted codes solutions

Get the hidden ending in Inscryption: encrypted codes solutions

One of the titles that have caught our attention the most and that you can find on Steam is Inscryption, a kind of card game in which psychological terror is combined with a lot of hidden secrets and if you want to unlock the true ending of the game you are going to having to sweat a lot.

And it is that this title is full of hidden secrets and apparently there is a secret ending that has not yet been discovered but of which there are several phases, some of which have already been resolved by the user community, and that you could also take advantage of.

There are, for the moment, three encryption codes in Inscryption that we can solve and we offer you both the direct solution as well as a brief explanation of how we got there.

Get the hidden ending in Inscryption: encrypted codes solutions

First encryption code

  • The first encryption code is found in the final scene written on a Post-it note and read like this MYCOLOG1ST12 | P3RHAPS ?? | BLOOD $ L3TT3R8OX
  • The direct solution is 918234489010 | 8339344 ?? | 8043! $ 702D !! $ 666

To use this decryption code you must start part 2, press control + C while this part 2 is starting, and type “cd OLD_DATA”. Now we have to write “decode log.txt”, the solution “18234489010 | 8339344 ?? | 8043! $ 702D !! $ 666 ”and finally write“ save log.txt ”.

  • The first part of the code MYCOLOG1ST12 refers to the hidden boss of part 3, where when defeating the enemy we have a card with the numbers of the solution.
  • The part of the code P3RHAPS ?? makes reference to a fake name in the end credits of the game Louis Natas who created the Beeper model. You have to replace the letters with corresponding numbers of a link to a page that does not exist of that model.
  • While the part BLOOD $ L3TT3R8OX Point out the meeting with the Lord of the Bones in part 2 and you will be able to distinguish the code for this part of the puzzle if you have the screen resolution set to a 4: 3 ratio.

Second encryption code

You are in a story conversation that has been decoded using the above encryption and the clues come in the form of the odd text within the brackets.

  • The starting track is SE: 167BP: TRU | 23K2F! 00R | ARCHIV $ NEW # GAME?
  • The direct final solution is IAMLRNED2MCH | STOP27341 | BIGEAR $ NO # CHANCE?


  • The first part of the hint is part of the encryption by interacting with the skull in the cockpit and having to pre-manipulate the user’s save file by changing the special event to “true”.
  • The second part of the solution appears in one of the game’s videos that makes reference to Karnoffel being one of the oldest card games, and where the character is seen searching the Wiki page during the cutscene.
  • The third part of the code appears in a note from MIRROR RORRIM and we have to look at the mirror on the ceiling of Lechy’s hut in part 2, seeing the three numbers on the floor and the four broken tiles on one side of the ceiling to complete the final clue.
  • The ARCHIV part can be translated by listening to the archivist track played in Morse code.
  • And finally the last part of the track refers to the Morse code emitted by the light from the chest in P03’s workshop.


Third encryption code

After getting the previous encryption, we will receive another one, in the form of a conversation in Polish and we must pay attention to the information inside all the brackets.

  • The original track is 3BCK2B3GNN! NG | MANATEE ## | B1RCHK1N $$ 56-57M
  • The direct final solution is WHTL! ESAHEAD | ANTONY ### | PACIFISM $$ 0044! 3


  • The first part has to do with the original release of the game on To do this, the user has to download this title, add a file in the game folder called cipher.cipher and the first part of the solution will appear.
  • The next part of the track is a reference to a custom card that the developer made for the Smash Up! Card game.
  • The following clue is a reference to a demo that the developer created called Catch Monsters
  • And finally the last clue refers to another title from the developer called Beneath the Surface, fishing game and that can be created in the same cipher.cipher file in the game folder to get the answer

Possible fourth encryption

To overcome the previous one, the log.txt file is unlocked and when you click on it, a report of the order form appears that initially had several options that you could mark and fill in, and that now there is absolutely nothing. We will see what he has in store for us.

For more details on the resolution of the encryption, you can consult both the Secret Hunting document As the Inscryption reddit.

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