The health crisis caused by COVID-19 It has also brought the closure of businesses around the world, especially those dedicated to catering, and with it a multitude of workers such as waiters or cooks who have remained on the street, and with very few options of finding another job to be able to maintain To his family.

Although in European countries there are aid in this regard, what is happening in Latin America is much more complicated, specifically in Mexico, where a young man is being forced to sell or change his PlayStation 4 for diapers or food for his baby.

So a video on Facebook has gone viral where two users meet this young man on the roadside trying to sell his PlayStation 4 in exchange for money or in exchange for diapers or food for his newborn.

In the video we can see how the two boys who are filming, agree to go to the supermarket to buy diapers and wipes for the baby, later giving them to the young man.

In addition, they also give you around 5000 pesos (about 200 euros to change), so I can buy food and pay the rent. A help that is likely to help you cope with this situation in a better way.

These types of videos are quite popular on social networks since they tend to go viral very quickly, and here we can see how a young Mexican has gone to the extreme of selling his PS4 in order to feed his family.