Big Brain Academy: Battle of Wits launches next December 3 on Nintendo Switch, but you can go preparing to welcome him.

The game offers lots of tests and activities that will measure your intellect and reflexes in fun activities and mini-games.

The great point in favor of Battle of wit is that it is a game for all ages, where young and old can meet in intense games and can be enjoyed as a family with multiplayer mode or challenging yourself in Individual mode.

If you are looking for a mental challenge and brainy challenges that squeeze your brain, this title is what you need to continue exercising the “bogeyman”. In GAME stores they are ready to offer you more extra content.

Big Brain Academy: Battle of Wits is now available for pre-order in GAME stores and in addition to guaranteeing you a copy for the day of its premiere, you also get two great gifts:

  • A exclusive GAME suede of the game, so that the screen of your Switch is always very clean.
  • A GAME exclusive sticky note pack of the game, so that you write down all your victories.

The title offers quantity of additional modes like Party, Review, Quiz or Phantom BattleHe with which to test and bring out your mental abilities.

So now you know, don’t hesitate preorder Big Brain Academy: Battle of Wits for Switch in stores or on the GAME website and get these exclusive gifts with its launch.

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