November 2021 PS Plus games not leaked for the first time in 5 months and looks like they will be announced in today’s State of Play

November 2021 PS Plus games not leaked for the first time in 5 months and looks like they will be announced in today's State of Play

The stars are lining up, today a State of Play is prepared, the free games with PS Plus for November 2021 have not been leaked -for the first time in 5 months- and that could place an announcement at the event.

It is quite a surprise that a leak has not happened, as it is something that we have been getting used to for a while.

During the last 5 consecutive months, such as the last of October and September, these titles have been known before their time, before meeting in the middle of the week and always on the weekend before the official announcement.

But this time there is nothing, not even rumors that could give rise to speculation. Something interesting since today Wednesday is the State of Play and the day on which said titles are announced.

The new event, which follows the previous July State of Play with Deathloop, Death Stranding and more what’s new for PS5 and PS4It will take place tonight like so many other times.

It could be a good place to announce the new selection of games that will be available to users of the service, something that would change even the company’s focus.

But this, as we said, is good news since we do not know what it will be this time and your efforts have gone into it in view of today’s announcement.

Maybe after these consecutive months of leaks on the titles, Sony put their cards on the table, orchestrating a maneuver in which they stop this and announce them at their own event.

Do you think that the Japanese giant has been able to put an end to this news before its time? Or just this month and the next will be known weeks before?

In any case, we will get rid of doubts today, since it is Wednesday, October 27, when this State of Play that we already told you.

Now, what do you think will be seen and the games to be announced? For that and much more is what we prepare around the games and announcements we expect from the State of Play.

Of course, there will be both Sony consoles, although we could also have surprises regarding the VR, but who knows.

Multiplayer Shooting, Fighting, and Sports Coming to PS Plus in October, although in Asia it was just another game.

For now, comments are always a good place for speculation, if you have one in mind or want to see in the service.

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