How to watch the PlayStation State of Play for today, October 27, with start time, what to expect …

How to watch the PlayStation State of Play for today, October 27, with start time, what to expect ...

The October State of Play Announced a few days ago, it will take place today, the 27th, so we leave you everything you need to see it: start times, duration, games that can be expected …

In the first place, taking into account that we come from a very recent PlayStation Showcase, through the official announcement Sony has already confirmed that they will now focus on third parties.

That means that will not reveal anything by PlaySration Studios, with which the spirits will now focus on presentations of studios that develop games for other platforms.

Although these presentations are less impressive in their own way, Sony may have several aces up its sleeve ready to show exclusively.

For example, as we left you in which games and ads to expect, there may be something related to Square enix and Final Fantasy XVI, or FromSoftware and Elden Ring, a title that has just been delayed.

For this reason, everything and nothing at the same time can be possible, but when does the October State of Play? Well, it will take place at 11:00 p.m. in Spanish peninsular time and, according to Sony, it will last about 20 minutes.

And now the important part,how to see this State of Play? And the solution is very easy, since from PlayStation they offer two well-known ways and that you surely already have in mind.

The first one will be to access the official Twitch channel of own PlayStation, there and when the time comes, the live will be activated.

Another way is the company’s YouTube channel, which has a counter that shows us what is missing for this to start. State of Play.

We leave it inserted right here below, although unfortunately it is only available with Spanish subtitles and it is the only option in both.

As for the expected games, the description of the video states “20 minutes of announcements on upcoming third-party releases […] in addition to revealing some of the partners“.

Therefore, we can only hope that some of the most anticipated titles in the coming months have a pending appointment with the event.

Although as stated Jordan Middler on Twitter, the websites of Dark Pictures Anthology, Final Fantasy XVI, Gotham Knights, Tchia and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum were recently updated.

It could be that Call of Duty Vanguard has a final push ahead of its premiere in November, due to its exclusive benefits on consoles, although we have not known anything about Hogwarts Legacy for a long time.

Sony, on the other hand, would allow eSports viewers to vote or pay to kick players out of games and tournaments, or that was registered in a new patent.

What are you most looking forward to in this next October State of Play?

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