A life-size statue of Iron Man causes them to call the police, scared by mistake

These 1: 1 scale Iron Man statues can be purchased for $ 8,000 at Avengers Campus

There are those who collect Funko Pop!, who collects detailed cards, stamps or action figures. And there are also those who are lucky enough to have life-size statues at home.

That’s the case of a man in the UK who purchased a full-scale Iron Man statue for about 14,000 pounds.

Up to here, everything could be normal, but then we find a peculiar news in Manchester Evening News.

During the night, Manchester emergency services received a concerned call from residents of the West Tower of the Deansgate Square.

Neighbors thought a man was in trouble, as they saw a figure “hanging” outside a window.

A team of 10 policemen and paramedics went to the location, woke up the owner of the apartment and discovered that, in front of the window, was Iron Man.

The replica of the Marvel character stood before the window in a most unfortunate position, causing confusion among the most observant neighbors.

After being photographed with the statue, members of the emergency service recommended that the owner remove the statue from the window, although its weight made immediate removal impossible.

Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel characters, fame that has grown over the past 13 years thanks to the role of Robert Downey Jr. on the big screen.

Since his first appearance in 2008 in Iron Man, Tony Stark has been a key player in the game. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The character said goodbye in 2019, during Avengers Endgame, although we have been able to see him again in What would happen if …? in animated version, of course.

What is clear is that the residents of Manchester will take time to forget this Iron Man in particular, who kept them in suspense for a few hours.

Fortunately, everything has become a funny anecdote to share with you, and a great sustain for the owner when they woke him up in the middle of the night.

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