1,200 euros to see a series of 30 seasons of the pull: do you accept?

1,200 euros to see a series of 30 seasons of the pull: do you accept?

If you are a fan of series and obviously also of driving, surely you would not mind spending days and days viewing each of the Top Gear chapters, and on top of receiving a good economic sum in return.

And it is that from time to time we can find a series of job offers that seem like a dream, a way to earn money without doing practically anything, or rather, doing what we like so much that we do not see it as a job.

And now the marketing agency uswitch has announced who are looking for a person who wants to see the full 30 seasons of the car show Top gear, and must do it in three months, to take in exchange about 1200 euros and gifts of the series.

Before you get excited, we’ll tell you what an offer is UK residents only, and where you will not only have to view the 236 episodes of the aforementioned 30 Top Gear seasons, but also do a good research job.

Basically what the selected user should do is write down all the makes of vehicles that appear in each of the programs, at the end of the study to be able to discern which cars and car brands have appeared the most during the 30 seasons.

As you can see, unless you are a great fan of the series, perhaps it may be too much work for that economic amount, but if you had planned to revisit the 30 Top Gear seasons, you may be interested in signing up for this job offer that you can request it until November 18.

Simply access the official website of the application, and you will not have to provide practically any information, only an email where they will inform you if you have been selected.

Given that the selection is made by random drawing, it is not even necessary that you have experience or that you know the television series, but it is recommended that you like it a lot if you are going to have to view 236 episodes in less than three months.

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