Even if you see it permanently on while you are using it, your screen is constantly turning off and on: it shows an image, it turns off, it shows another image, it turns off, and so on. The refresh rate is the number of times the screen turns on and off per second.

With the data in hand, imagine what is the importance of the refresh rate in a good mobile or a gaming monitor, right? Well, Acer also knows it. That’s why this nearly 24-inch Acer KG241QS gaming monitor offers you a refresh rate of 165Hz for just 179 euros.

Get your Acer gaming monitor with 165Hz for only 159 euros!

You can not deny that this monitor is impressive value for money, since it offers you a lot in exchange for a fairly affordable price compared to other monitors with the same characteristics.

The Nitro VG0 gives you vibrant images in brilliant colors. TOyou will appreciate every detail on its almost 24-inch FullHD LED screen with a 16: 9 ratio and an incredible 165Hz refresh rate.

A response time of 1 ms is added to this refresh rate.. This quick response means that images update quickly, making your gaming sessions more fun and fluid. What’s more, its Acer Flickerless technology eliminates screen flickering with a stable power supply.

ZeroFrame design creates a nearly borderless image that allows you to better see what matters: the screen. Too features AMD FreeSync, which synchronizes the frame rate of your screen with the video card. Tearing will be a thing of the past!

To save space in your gaming setup, this monitor fastens with a three-legged stand, but also you can place it on your wall with VESA mount. Plus, you can tilt the monitor from -5 to 15 degrees to find your perfect angle.

As you can see, what this monitor offers you for a price of only 179 euros It is impressive, so we recommend you take advantage of this discount (it is on sale) and enjoy it as soon as possible with the fast shipping of Amazon prime.