The creators of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West would be subcontracting studios to develop more games of the saga

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Horizon Zero Dawn has been one of the PlayStation IPs that more fans have captured since its launch relatively few years ago. The sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is right around the corner, but there could be more.

One of the great attractions of the creation of Guerrilla Games is the universe formed around the game, a post-apocalyptic world with futuristic lines, but with a setting focused on prehistory.

For this reason, many fans have asked that this setting be used to a greater extent with new games and content; something that could already be in Guerrilla’s plans.

This has become practically clear after paying attention to a number of job offers. The study would be looking to hire staff to “oversee externally produced game projects.”

As co-producer of development at Guerrilla, you will help us expand the Horizon universe in new and exciting directions. In this role, you will be part of a specialized group that will oversee externally produced game projects.

The description does not seem to leave room for doubt, although this whole process could be beginning. Of course, Horizon is known to have pull and backing as a saga, so it would not be surprising to see future projects beyond the main line of games.

This is the first PS5 game to run at native 8K resolution and 60fps

Those most attentive to the news related to Aloy will remember that relatively recently this was spoken about, precisely.

A multiplayer Horizon could be being developed by Guerrilla Games, based on their latest hires. Does it have something to do with the new jobs?

Surely you will have to wait until you have news. The good thing is that this wait will be accompanied by a new game, a sequel that will seek to expand the options seen in the first installment.

Recently Horizon Forbidden West has been detailing Aloy’s new skills: free climbing, work benches and much more.

Source: Games Radar

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