Pokémon GO will celebrate the Day of the Dead around the world this year

Pokémon GO will celebrate the Day of the Dead around the world this year

Do youYou have heard of the Day of the Dead? Now, and thanks to Pokémon GO, something that is very typical and well-known in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

It is a holiday to honor the lives and memory of friends and family who have passed to the other world. Now, from November 1 at 10:00 a.m. to November 2 at 8:00 p.m., you can play it on your mobiles.

As special event bonuses, Bait Modules They will last 90 minutes, the incense will be active the same time and you will get double the Stardust per capture.

During the event there will be a collection challengeIf you complete it before it ends, you will find a Shedinja, in addition to getting a Pokocho and incense.

Also prepare your most powerful Pokémon for the GO Fighting DayAvailable November 1 from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM and you’ll get a x4 in Stardust for every victory.

As for wild Pokémon, they will appear Cubone, Sunkern, Murkrow, Houndour, Sableye and Roselia -all with shiny possibility-, in addition to Sunflora, Drifloon and Yamask.

On the other hand, Pokémon Cubone, Sunkern, Sunflora, Murkrow, Houndour, Sableye, and Drifloon they will be attracted by Incense and Bait Modules; with a bit of luck, until Alola Marowak and Yamask.

But others like Cubone, Sunkern, Roselia and Marowak from Alola will appear upon completion of the field investigation tasks.

As soon as you enter, there will be a free new t-shirt for avatar Inspired by this tradition and in the store they will offer you an event box as a gift, with 20 Poké Balls and an Incense

Tuesday, November 2 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. will be the Pokémon Featured Hour, with Cacnea as the protagonist and twice as many candies per catch.

And, if you thought this was not enough, as of November 1 Vullaby, will appear in research achievement matches.

Thus, October and early November will be very busy and spooky months for Pokémon GO players for Halloween 2021, this Day of the Dead and promoting McDonald’s.

Pokémon Go has turned 5 this summer, but after all this time niantic game He is still as active – or more – than from the beginning.

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