Naruto is very close to coming to Fortnite, according to game files

Naruto is very close to coming to Fortnite, according to game files

Epic Games has made all kinds of collaborations for Fortnite, and probably one of the most passionate is yet to come: Naruto. The most popular anime in the world will come to Fortnite’s free to play for some kind of event, and although there is no official information, this should be imminent.

HYPEX, a well-known leaker from the world of Fortnite, has found in the latest game update files evidence of Naruto’s presence in the game, including an item such as ramen dishes that Naruto loves.

It also confirms that Naruto would be an NPC on the map he will act as a boss and launch kunais, Naruto’s weapons. In fact, it could be two characters, as there are two code names: HeadbanK and HeadbandS, and HYPEX speculates that the other could be Sasuke.

That said, there are no files that name him after Naruto, but there is no doubt that, between the kunai, the ramen and the Headband as a code name, this is Naruto.

Epic COO Donald Mustard confirmed that Naruto would be one of the Fortnite collaborations, and it even appeared in a leaked document a few months ago.

It is logical to assume that, in addition to the NPC that we see on the map, Naruto will also be a skin that we can buyAlthough we don’t expect them until November, when the Season 8 Halloween event happens.

Fortnite could announce it and launch it without warning, as happened last week with the skins of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil.

Naruto is one of the most popular anime ever. Select Vision is going to edit Naruto Shippuden this fall with a new voice actor, and the original series can also be seen at Netflix, a platform with many highly recommended anime.

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