A Quiet Place, Saber Interactive’s horror adventure based on the John Krasinski saga announced

A Quiet Place II is the first film to gross 100 million in the US during the pandemic

The horror fans they will be glad that iLLOGIKA and Saber Interactive are working on the first video game based on A Quiet Place, the film saga of John krasinski.

To date we have had two films from the Paramount Pictures franchise, and in 2022 the video game A Quiet Place will arrive, developed by iLLOGIKA and distributed by Saber Interactive.

At the moment we know some small details of A Quiet Place, through its official website, which anticipates its launch for 2022 (without detailing platforms).

A Quiet Place will be a narrative horror adventure, focused for single player, and that it will have all the elements of both John Krasinski films. That yes, will count a totally new story.

In the Saber website we can read that this video game of A quiet place will rescue the emotion, the drama and the suspense of the movies, under a third-person gameplay.

This title is being developed by the studio Montreal-based iLLOGIKA with Ubisoft veterans in its ranks. It will be distributed by Saber, responsible for the port of The Witcher 3 for Switch.

The video game A Quiet Place will allow fans to experience the tension of the movies with a level of immersion they have never felt before.” explains iLLOGIKA Director Herve Sliwa.

This A Quiet Place video game also marks a milestone for Saber Interative, a studio owned by Embracer Group. It is the first external game distributed by the company.

The staggering success of the A Quiet Place films makes it clear audiences are hungry for more adventure in this universe, and iLLOGIKA is creating its own truly engaging experience.” says Saber director Todd Hollenshead.

The keys to A Quiet Place are very clear: a powerful narrative, interaction with the settings, stealth, the mechanics of silence and, of course, the terrifying monsters we see in the movies.

A Quiet Place will hit the shops sometime in 2022, and is likely to be available on consoles PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Saber Interactive

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