This is how the panic button works for the states that WhatsApp prepares

This is how the panic button works for the states that WhatsApp prepares

Every day we use the quintessential messaging app for iOS and Android. Yes, we are talking about WhatsApp, which you will receive in the coming weeks a useful function.

You sure remember the WhatsApp statuses. They are less used than Instagram stories, but they can be a great tool to promote products if you use a business account.

The problem is that you may have published a wrong status at some time, or they have taken your phone to launch an unwanted “story”. Do not be alarmed: soon you will be able to eliminate it in a jiffy.

If you are curious and want to know how to quickly eliminate your error, pay attention: This is how the panic button works for the states that WhatsApp prepares.

The panic button for WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses allow us to share what we do every day, some of our purchases or a place we have visited. However, they can also play tricks on you.

Yes, it is true that WhatsApp already allows us to delete the statuses that we publish, but the process is slower and we will lose a few seconds. And those seconds can be more crucial than you think.

If, for X reason, you publish an unwanted status (as an individual or as a company) on WhatsApp, surely some of your contacts have time to see it before you delete it.

This will no longer happen in WhatsApp, because the application will receive a new function within the status interface itself. Currently, it is being tested on the beta version of Android

It is an emergency delete button for WhatsApp, which is represented as a pencil. This function allows us to permanently delete a WhatsApp status, and in just two or three seconds.

According to the wabetainfo portal, this emergency button will appear on the opposite side of ”status sent”, and this will save us a few seconds compared to the current option.

Why is it a faster option? Basically, because it is within the WhatsApp status interface itself, while the current one is not. Those seconds could be very, very important.

A vital note is that the application will notify us as soon as this state has been completely removed, so you can rest assured. Fix your mistake in just a couple of seconds. Is there anything better?

This new function will be available in the beta version of Android on WhatsApp, although some users could also use it in beta version

What do you think of this new WhatsApp feature? Have you ever uploaded some inopportune status? With this new tool You won’t have to worry about this anymore, so breathe easy.

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