They discover animals at very low resolution in Battlefield 2042 and they are the sea of ​​friendly

They discover animals at very low resolution in Battlefield 2042 and they are the sea of ​​friendly

Modern triple-A games compete for the best graphics, the most believable animations, and the most vivid environments. For generations now, DICE has been one of the leading companies, with its Battlefield games and Frostbite engine, and Battlefield 2042 it will be no different.

Although the game won’t be out until November 19 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One, there was already an open beta a few weeks ago … which left a more tart aftertaste than dule to some fans.

What is faultless is the high quality game graphics, which will unleash its full potential on PC and next-generation consoles. Large environments, full of details, destructible (hallmark of the saga) but also variable, affected in real time by effects like a tornado or rocket explosion.

With so many things happening at once, it is logical that many background details are left with polygons and basic textures and at very low resolution. Are items that the player will not see up close, like the trees in the distance … or the animals that scamper or fly across the map.

In that sense, the account Low Poly Animals has rescued this bird in low resolution from Battlefield 2042. Naturally it looks like this, because they are a small, distant and moving stage element … but this screenshot has caught him in mid-flight, and it’s hilarious watch the difference between the highly detailed drone (look at the light reflections) next to the bird.

Even worse is this rat and the unconvincing hair texture, which has stood out since Games Radar. As this animal runs along the ground, it may be easier for you to find it …

Battlefield 2042 is not going to have the fauna of Jurassic World Evolution, but in addition to these everyday animals, one of the maps in the Arctic will include penguins, which were added by a developer who immediately embraced the meme of penguins playing Battlefield.

A few years ago, creepy ships NPC Marvel’s Spider-Man became a meme … and Insomniac herself referenced them in her remastering for PS5. Have you gone to greet them yet?

Battlefield 2042 is out on November 19, and the third pillar of the game, the game mode, was recently introduced. Hazard Zone, a mode that goes beyond battle royale.

It will be a demanding game, but our colleagues from Computer Hoy help you to buy the desktop gaming PC that best suits your needs. Also, today we learned that one of the Battlefield 2042 specialists will be non-binary.

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