The most shocking and fun cosplay of Mutenroshi: her female version

The most shocking and fun cosplay of Mutenroshi: her female version

Every time we find more and more cosplayers that recreate as closely as possible the characters of their Anime series favorites, being one of the most adapted Dragon Ball, the popular work of Akira toriyama.

Over the last few months we have found a bit of everything in terms of dragon ball cosplaysFrom true wonders such as the cosplay of Android number 18 performed by Monster to other more fun as the cosplay that imagines Kaioh in her female version.

On this occasion we are also going to talk about a female version of the dragon ball series made by cosplayer Josie Marcellino.

Through her Instagram account, the artist has shared the cosplay she has made of the Master Mutenroshi in a female version, the result of which is as shocking as it is fun. You can take a look at it below.

“This is the way of the turtle hermit to learn.”

Mutenroshi sure wouldn’t mind becoming a female (and much younger) version of himself. In this way you could gently rub your breasts without having to ask (or sneakily) any woman. Although the “pafu pafu” thing would be a little more complicated …

Jokes aside, the character of Kame sennin He returned to have more presence in Dragon Ball Super, especially in the arc of the Tournament of Power, where he once again demonstrated his great talent for martial arts.

It is true that they “doped” too much the power of Mutenroshi in the series (like that of many others), but even so it was very pleasant to see him again distribute tow as in the good times of the Toriyama series.

For the moment the character has once again been further apart in the dragon ball super series, whose Granola arc is recently giving us great moments like Bardock’s return, learning more about the past of the father of They are goku.

What do you think the cosplay of the female version of Mutenroshi from Dragon Ball? Meanwhile, here we leave you what is the most popular anime in the world, according to a new study.

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