If we talk about fighting games, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the absolute kings of the genre, thanks to its extensive roster of characters. The credit goes to Sakurai, Game Director.

The last big addition was Sora, protagonist of Kingdom Hearts, which was one of the most demanded characters by fans of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Surely many of you are already distributing wax with the keybladeBut how did Sakurai get this character included? He has explained it in a column published on Famitsu.

Sora’s arrival in Super Smash Bros Ultimate occurred in an unplanned meeting between Masahiro Sakurai and a Disney representative, which started the entire negotiation process.

Sakurai admits that they had too much trouble to include Sora. Even more than they had to face to add other characters. One of them was high expectations.

The fact is that the director of Super Smash Bros Ultimate ran into a Disney representative at a gala. In it, Sakurai explained that adding Sora would be a great idea … and her interlocutor nodded.

To curdle the sixth fighter of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 (Sora), Sakurai had to participate in a three-way negotiation: Disney, Nintendo and Square Enix. And all thanks to that unexpected encounter.

Masahiro Sakurai

The surprising thing is that volume 2 of the Fighters Pass I was going to include 5 characters, but there was always speculation about the arrival of Sora the Switch exclusive.

Sakurai’s team sent various 3D models of Sora to Square Enix and Nintendo, getting the approval of both. Of course, for this they had to conform to certain rules …

For example, Sora’s gameplay had to adapt to the style of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, with slower combos and times than in Kingdom Hearts. In addition, the aerial game was emphasized.

Looking back, it’s been about three years since the game’s release, and in that time, we created eleven different DLC fighters. That being said, it is way too long. The team lowered their expectations and of course the pandemic played its part, although that doesn’t mean we were lazy in any way. ‘‘.

Masahiro Sakurai also states that he would like to participate in other non-Smash Bros projects, and that his next column on Famitsu will be his last. The character of Sora is now available in the nintendo switch fighting game.

Source: Nintendo Everything