FIFA 22 is a mass phenomenon. Beyond the fact that the saga could change its name in the future, the title of EA Sports continues to be the most played on PC, Stadia and consoles.

However, some players resort to cheating to score points or qualify for FUT Champions in Ultimate Team mode. Unfortunately, it has been going on for many years.

On the occasion of the anniversary of Sheffield FC, oldest club in the world recognized by FIFA, EA Sports has reminded players that they must fulfill the call FOAT code.

What is the FOAT code? Basically, it is a set of unwritten rules of behavior for FIFA Ultimate Team. This measure seeks to combat cheating and early dropouts in matches.

It sure isn’t the first time you’ve seen players disconnect from matches when they are losing. It is also known as ” pulling the cord ”, but there are other extra rules.

The truth is that many of these traps are also made in real football, but EA Sports wants to eradicate them as soon as possible from its video game saga. FIFA 22 is no exception.

The FOAT code asks players to do not leave the games when they are losing, but also that do not waste time when you win, not leaving the celebrations until the end, or not celebrating a goal with derision.

The truth is that there are already some penalties for these traps (like bans), but the community seems to care little. Many continue to disconnect or lose time in FIFA 22.

Specifically, EA Sports has shared five rules of the so-called FOAT code, although this depends directly on each player. In the conscience of each one is to do the right thing or not.

In addition to remembering the FOAT code, the creators of FIFA 22 have announced that Ultimate Team to Add Official 1857 Sheffield FC Kits, the year in which the oldest football club in the world was founded.

Source: EA Sports