Habitually, Discord, TeamSpeak or Skype They serve thousands of players to be able to chat online while they enjoy games or simply comment on plays.

These after apps are the ones that have been most established over the years, but could interfere with the proper functioning of Ubisoft games on PC, according to comments and suggests the company itself.

The well-known developer commented that these applications could interfere with the proper functioning of her games after launching a post on her Twitter.

This post explained that if you are experiencing performance issues or crashes while playing on PC, third-party software may be the underlying cause.

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To put a solution to the problems, the company suggests that they can be reached disable the applications temporarily and thus identify if that was one of the problems.

In order to inform players, Ubisoft published a ready third-party software that may prevent games from running in optimal state. This list covers a number of applications.

Within the list we find other programs that have nothing to do with online communication such as OBS transmission. Although those already mentioned are also included.

Do you use Discord or Skype a lot while playing with friends or alone? For example, in Ubisoft games like Rainbow Six Siege or The Division 2, it is usually a vitally important communication tool for team play.

This is one of the biggest applications in the gaming world. Without going any further, PlayStation and Discord announced an agreement to integrate their services from 2022.

In addition, it has also been known that Discord is testing a function to integrate YouTube into the service.