A fan recreates the Last of Us as a PS1 game: the post-apocalyptic Metal Gear Solid

A remake of The Last of Us for PS5 in development, new Uncharted and Days Gone 2 discarded, according to Bloomberg

It is common for fans of mythical video games to share their demakes on the networks. We have seen it with Bloodborne, Control or Resident Evil Village … and now it is the turn of The last of us.

The masterpiece of Naughty dog, considered as best game of the past decade, it would have fit in any era of video games. But never as you see below.

Yes, The Last of Us in overhead view, as if it were a PS1 game by late 90s or early 2000s. It is the work of a fan of the saga, Rustic Games BR, and we were impressed.

The fragment you see above belongs to the museum section of the first The Last of Us. This demake turns the experience into a stealth game with survival horror overtones.

We lean more towards Metal Gear Solid. And it almost seems that Joel and Ellie recreate what was Hideo Kojima’s 1998 game. Aerial view, minimap with your position and sections of the stage, life bar

One of the most interesting points is that the camera goes to the first person when we point a gun. In this case, with the hunting rifle. Joel can execute enemies stealthily, as if he were Solid Snake himself.

But be careful, because this demake of The Last of Us not only pays homage to Kojima’s classic. We can also see how the camera starts to emulate what is seen in games like Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

In certain sections, we see Joel and Ellie with fixed cameras, looking for different angles in each room. Without a doubt, it is the most successful demake for the Naughty Dog masterpiece.

Quite possibly, The Last of Us would have been like this if it had been released in the late 90s, bordering on survival horror and betting on the narrative and stealth of the first Metal Gear Solid.

What dou you think about him demake from The Last of Us by Rustic Games BR? Do you think the game would have been like this at that time? What is certain is that it would also have been a masterpiece. That’s for sure.

Source: Rustic Games BR

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