The squid game, the series that raises passions … and controversies

The squid game, the series that raises passions ... and controversies

Barely a month since The Squid Game was released on Netflix. Thanks to word of mouth, korean series has become a mass phenomenon that has become the most successful series of the history of the streaming platform.

As often happens with content that generates so many passions and wins legions of fans, there have also been controversies regarding the Netflix series, which has been punctuated by several incidents since its season premiered last year. September, 17th.

Logically … Beware that there are spoilers for the series ahead!

Right from the start, the creators of the series were passed some security measures by introducing real data into the chapters. When Gi-hun is recruited to participate in the competition, the recruiter gives a card with a phone number... However, that number turned out to be real and from a person outside the series and many fans bombarded the phone relentlessly for weeks.

Complaints were also generated by the effects of one of the scenes where strong flashes of light were used. Is about a very long and aggressive scene at an audiovisual level and it could cause problems for viewers with sensitivity to light or certain pathologies, so Netflix agreed to include warnings at the beginning of the episode.

The series has also not been free of criticism regarding the treatment of some characters, since The Squid Game has been accused of being a misogynistic series due to the treatment of Han mi nyeo, a woman who does everything she can to survive, even resorting to sex or crawling to whomever it takes.

Nor did he like the appearance of the VIPs. In the room from where they watch the games, there are several “statues” that are actually real women posing as if they were furniture. The criticism reached such a point that the creator of the series came to intervene and give explanations about it.

The Squid Game

It was also criticized that the only character who is openly non-heterosexual in the series is precisely one of these VIPs, who seems to have a predilection for young boys and also a rather despicable attitude. Several LGTBI associations complained about this character treatment, since he once again associated homosexuality with a characteristic of the villains.

The Squid Game It has also received its dose of criticism from South Korea, where it has not liked at all that the series shows the dirty laundry of the country and how many citizens live in very precarious situations.

Of course, as it seems that everything is made up, the Korean series has also been compared to a Japanese film and gone through the relevant accusations of plagiarism.

In Spain we have not gotten rid of the controversies associated with the series. A few days ago, the Police warned about the danger of scanning certain QR codes on cards of unknown origin, as they could be a very well-crafted scam.

The knockoffs don’t end there, because even though The Squid Game It is not a series aimed at a child audience, Imitations have not been lacking in the schoolyard. In a school in Madrid it has reached such a point that costumes inspired by the series have even been banned for next Halloween.

The Squid Game

The success of the korean series It has been resounding and has crossed all kinds of borders … something that would not have been possible without the translators. Another controversy also came from that front, since the Spanish Association for Audiovisual Translation and Adaptation (ATRAE) complained about the translation conditions of the series.

Instead of having professional translators, the subtitling was done with machine translation with post-editing, which would explain the poor quality of the subtitles. ATRAE demanded the elimination of This practice makes the sector even more precarious and worsens the quality of the final product.

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