The creators of Mortal Kombat could be working on Multiversus, a fighting game “a la Super Smash Bros.” with characters from DC, Harry Potter or LOTR

The creators of Mortal Kombat could be working on Multiversus, a fighting game "a la Super Smash Bros."  with characters from DC, Harry Potter or LOTR

NetherRealm Studios, creators of Mortal Kombat, could walk working on a fighting game Super Smash Bros. style, called Multiversus and with characters from DC, Harry Potter or LOTR.

Although it is still a mere rumor, which we have been able to know thanks to the fact that it collects it ComicBook. The Chicago-based studio is owned by WB and has already created Injustice and Mortal Kombat.

However, this style like nintendo game is what attracts attention. In the original post of the rumor on Reddit, anonymously, not much attention was paid to it at first.

But that changed because shortly after this was affirmed, a trademark registration appeared by Warner Bros. from something calledMultiversus“, so that now is the talk of the internet.

NetherRealm Studios’ new game is a fighting crossover by Warner Bros. New IP, to be technical“, the leak said; assumed for the moment.

It is based on Smash Bros (and now Nickelodeon All Stars, but it was in development before this was announced, and it is a team title“.

I’m not sure if that refers to double fights, changes or if each one is a pair … What I know is that there is synergy between some characters which would give rise to certain custom teams“.

The leak continues while it names characters that would be added, such as Shaggy, Gandalf, Tom & Jerry, Batman, Peter Flintstones, Mad Max, Johnny Bravo, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

Does this mean that, for example, other characters like HarryMaybe they are not added due to licensing issues? We will have to wait to see if this succeeds in the end.

They told me that the origin of the game was due to various memes of Shaggy, who in his ‘Ultra Instinct’ form, came to the Mortal Kombat franchise“, I kept commenting on this.

Of course, and of course, NetherRealm Studios was not going to add Shaggy to a game like Mortal Kombat, so all this was shuffled in WB, who loved the idea of ​​combining IPs“.

The leak ends by saying, as it concludes, stating that he has no idea when the game will be revealed, it may even that the COVID has affected you.

But it also confirms that its development has already taken “a time“, in addition to something like this being shown during The Game Awards 2021 in December may be on the table.

All this being said, grab it with tweezers because the last word belongs to its developer. Yes, the trademark registration has added gasoline to the rumor, but pI wish I hadn’t gotten ahead for one reason or another.

At the time of publishing this article, both NetherRealm Studios as WB Games they are still in silence, yes a fighting game with characters from DC, Harry Potter or LOTR sounds interesting right?

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