“Sony is happy” with the sales of Kena, which has already recouped development costs and had Ember Lab develop games only

"Sony is happy" with the sales of Kena, which has already recouped development costs and had Ember Lab develop games only

Everything seems to be going well for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, as the indie for PlayStation and PC has recovered its development costs, “Sony is happy”For your sales and now Ember Lab will be able to create only games.

In an interview with Jason schreier, from Bloomberg, the creators of Kena have commented on all this and some extra things, since his first official game has been a success.

The little big adventure from Ember Lab it was a highly anticipated premiere in PS5, but also Sony’s bet on two brothers and their game that, due to a series of unforeseen events, almost does not see the light.

In early 2020, Sony was ready to show off its new PS5 and the marketing team wanted to polish the Kena trailer with Mike and Josh Grier to show up in summer next to the console.

But coronavirus arrived, Sony stumbled and switched to a digital event that did not calm the spirits of both brothers. Difficult, but possibleJosh said: “I was in a protected suit, sweating all the time“.

Although the games were generally delayed, Kena Bridge of Spirits arrived on September 21 and had a great deal by Sony, all because already attracted the attention of fans and critics since June 2020.

I think that helped put us on the front line in featured and featured games ASAP.“said Mike; Looks like the suit and all that sweat was worth it.

The Grier brothers never made a game, Ember Lab It started as an animation service in 2009 and went viral in 2016 by a short Majora’s Mask fan.

The team presented some early versions of Kena at gaming conferences, attracting big publishers, but ended up with a deal by Sony for funding and marketing.

I think we all go back to our childhood selves“Josh would say. They both can’t say the exact copies of Kena they have sold, but your initial development costs are recovered.

What’s more, Kena sales have surprised them so far: “It is difficult to say what a great success is“Josh commented.”Sony is happy“.

What is clear is that success has enabled Ember Lab to become a game developer full time. They don’t know which game will be next, but they already think of a narrative one like Kena.

We will not return to the ads“Josh sentenced.You already have your copy of Kena Bridge of Spirits or you are waiting for its physical launch next November?

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