Eternals is the new movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will take us to know the origins of the eternal, a branch of the human species that was created thousands of years ago by immortal beings known as Celestials. Although their experiments when creating the Eternals also led them to fail, resulting in the evil subspecies of the Deviants.

But within the heroes of the film we also find a division of factions, or at least we find it represented in their personalities, and we see it reflected in their costumes.

Screen Rant has had the opportunity to visit the filming set of Eternals in London and talk about the creative choices behind eternals wardrobe with the costume designer Sammy Sheldon Differ and with the wardrobe effects supervisor Ivo Coveney.

As Sammy Sheldon points out, the eternals would be divided into “thinkers” and in “fighters“:”Five of them are more thinkers and five of them are more fighters. ” Therefore, we could identify thanks to the type of attire they wear if they are weighers or wrestlers. Those with suits “more fluent”Would correspond with the thinkers.

Ajak is the leader. He wears a beautiful cape […] which is hand painted. Looks like the CEO of the universe“Adds Ivo Coveney, taking a tour of several of the characters in the film:”Pastures he is a thinker, he is a scientist. Sersi she’s a thinker and she’s pretty under Ajak’s wing. “

And then obviously Thena and Gilgamesh they are fighters, Kingo he is a fighter and Ikaris. ” Finally Coveney tells us about a special case, that of Druig and Makkari: “they’re interesting because they’re pretty close together so they’re both thinkers and they’re both kind of fighters. So, they are the anomaly in the group”.