Spanish cinema will continue to give us good news between now and the end of the year thanks to films like the one we are dealing with today. Once upon a time in Euskadi is a film written and directed by Manu Gomez, in a spectacular debut in the feature film after having participated in series such as Néboa, Right to Dream and Six Sisters.

This dramatic film with autobiographical overtones places us in the Euskadi from 1985, where young friends Marcos, José Antonio, Paquito and Toni have finally finished school and are preparing to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation.

From the perspective of some twelve-year-olds, the life of an old and convulsed Euskadi will be traversed, in which rubber balls bounce and dreams of freedom, where death and life no longer have formal relations.

The tape is particularly pertinent if we consider that we are in full celebration of 10 years since the end of ETA violence and what others Documentaries, films and series from fiction are managing to turn their eyes to a few years that now may seem remote to us but they are not so far away, actually.

Today we offer you a preview of the posters of three secondary characters in the film, but which are very relevant: Marian Alvarez (Unit), Aron piper (The mess you leave) and Yon Gonzalez (Cable girls).

The cast of Once upon a time in Euskadi is headed by the young actors Asier Flores (Pain and Glory), Aitor Calderon (May god forgive us), Miguel rivera (Two lovers) and Hugo Garcia (Damned to hell).

The main cast is accompanied by a lot of high-ranking secondary casts such as Luis Callejo placeholder image (Liberty), Ruth Diaz (Air kisses) or Vicente Romero (Bye), among others.

Among the director’s statements we highlight a particularly interesting one: “Once upon a time in Euskadi It is a return to my childhood and to those streets that saw me grow up. A story whose objective is to travel from the gaze of four twelve-year-old children that Euskadi of the 80s that left such a mark on those of us who lived it, enjoyed it and often cried for it “.

Produced by La Canica Films, TVE and ETB, the film Once upon a time in Euskadi It will be released in theaters on October 29, 2021 and our recommendation is not to miss it!