Formerly known as’snowthesaltqueen‘, the tiktoker named Mary Anne Oliver-Snow from Houston, Texas, faces off against charges for an accusation of involuntary manslaughter.

The Harris County court records show and detained her on January 18 after giving a statement and having some audios recorded. The case against her states that “on or about January 17“, Snow”recklessly caused the death of Helen Rose Hastings by pointing a gun at her and pulling the trigger“.

In a statement by police, Snow said that “they were drunk and got very drunk“The gun was apparently her ex-boyfriend’s, but I had no bullets or magazine. The group of friends saw Gotham and Snow explained that they are cosplayers “they like the characters and stuff, telling their friends that he had a weapon like the Penguin“.

Is then when the victim was jokingshoot me“, which she did without waiting for the result. After signing her, posted a $ 20,000 bond and last September 27 was when rumors of her began to emerge due to her popularity.

Yandere Freak has continued to post on TikTok, although criticism has rained down in comments, mixed with a bit of sympathy. “What a slap in the face of the family post this2 “, said one, although now the account is inactive.

The case is scheduled for an exchange of evidence today, October 21. Snow is already well known in the cosplay world on TikTok for a long time, although with its old name; We will see where all this goes.

Source: DexertoThe Gamer