Microsoft has launched a new update for Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles which includes a night mode and 4K Dashboard display, in addition to quick access to accessibility options. The update is available from today.

The night mode it was something that had already tried the Xbox Insiders, and it is something that has already become common in many areas to relax the eyes (who does not have the Twitter app in night mode at this point?).

Of course, the Xbox Series Night Mode will go further than in other places (such as the Xbox Series Dark Mode itself), since it allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen and activate a blue filter, at different intensities, which will avoid affecting our sleep if we play at night. This filter is exclusive to Xbox Series consoles.

Night Mode will also allow dim or turn off the lights on the console itself and on the controller to have the room in total darkness, something perfect if you want to see a scary movie this Halloween.

Of course you can program if you want the night mode to be activated and deactivated at a specific time, when the sun goes down.

Xbox Update

In Xbox Series X, in addition, the Dashboard (the home and the console menus) will be rendered natively at 4K. Before they were just 1080p and upscaled to 4K, so now it will look much sharper. Not that the difference will change, but many users will enjoy the higher level of detail.

Finally, the update will allow access and customize accessibility options adding a Quick Settings menu (Quick Settings) from the Xbox Guide. This, explain from Xbox, will benefit families who share consoles with users with different accessibility needs.

In the future, Microsoft will add a way to bring back our gamer image from the times of Xbox 360.

And is that Microsoft is nostalgic: It will soon celebrate an event for the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo, and this week it decorated its official website as a fresh out of twelve years ago.