Razer has several ranges of headphones with a different focus, such as the eSports-oriented Blackshark series or the Nari, which offer a haptic experience with the vibration of the headset. But without a doubt, the star model of the house is the Kraken, with an aggressive and recognizable design.

Well, Razer has decided to unite these three product lines in Razer Kraken V3, a new headset that will arrive this year offering an attractive renewed design, but without forgetting the rest of the keys.

Thus, it will have the spectacular sound quality of the Blackshark range (with its 50 mm Triforce Titanium drivers), which stands out for having 3 different cameras to offer very well separated treble, midrange and bass, without distortions or fillings even at maximum volume.

But also, will feature Hypersense technology, which will offer enhanced haptic response to achieve a greater immersion in the games. For those who may not remember, this intelligent haptic technology provides rich and realistic tactile sensory feedback based on audio signals.

In the new version that the Kraken V3s will mount, Hypersense will be able to distinguish a wider frequency spectrum (20-200Hz), and will result in a more realistic and varied response.

Furthermore, it does not need integration (it does not depend on any software or application), but does it in time “on the fly”, processing the audio signals in less than 5 ms and allowing the user to control the effect from the headset itself.

Thus, it will have four settings, depending on the intensity of the experience we are looking for: by default the medium intensity level will be activated (those responsible for Razer told us that for many players, it is already more than enough), as well as a higher level and lower one. The fourth way is to turn off the haptic response completely.

All while maintaining a great stereo positioning of the sound and compatibility with THX Spatial Audio, as well as different profiles for those looking for the best audio for immersion or competition and finished off with an even more aggressive bomb-proof design (reinforced headband, large headphones , removable mic …).

Well, best of all, for last: Kraken V3 go on sale today in three different formats, to offer a spectrum of prices and different functions for each type of user.

Razer Kraken V3

Kraken V3 Pro It is the most “top” model. It is wireless and has improvements such as Razer Hyperspeed wireless connectivity and a great autonomy, of up to 45 hours without haptic effects, and that will be reduced depending on the intensity or use of the customizable RGB light via Chroma.

Even the mic, called “HyperClear Supercardioid Micro” is slightly better than the one mounted on the other two models. In the USA they will have a price of 199 dollars (probably 209 euros in Europe).

The next model, Kraken V3 Hypersense is a model practically identical to the previous one, but with a USB-A cable and a normal micro “” HyperClear Cardioid “. In the USA it costs 129 dollars, which here, in the absence of official confirmation, could become 139 euros.

Finally the Razer Kraken V3, which is a similar model to the previous one, although without HyperSense technology, and that is at a price of 109 euros.

It should be noted that in terms of materials and finishes they will be practically identical. All will have a closed headband, hybrid pads with synthetic leather on the outside and fabric on the inside where it touches our skin (so as not to give so much heat).