House of Ashes and its connection to Little Hope that only a few will discover

House of Ashes and its connection to Little Hope that only a few will discover

House of Ashes is finally here, the third game of The Dark Pictures Anthology, which this time takes us to Iraq in 2003.

As with the previous installments, this story is only linked to the previous ones by the figure of the Conservative, who narrates the events. However, this time it has been introduced an Easter egg for Little Hope fans.

Logically, from here come slight spoilers, but it’s more of a wink than anything else. In order to see it, it is important that let’s keep Nick alive after the events of “Rope” (when he and Rachel are about to fall off a cliff in an earthquake).

If we get it, after a few words from the Conservative we will see a flashback about these two characters (in case Nick dies, we will see a different flashback), in which both are next to a roadside restaurant, in the middle of a rainy night.

The wink does not take long to come, as we see a sign that indicates that they are three miles from Little Hope town. But the connection is somewhat deeper. If you played Little Hope, you will remember that the prologue showed us a bus driver, precisely, leaving a restaurant to follow his route.

If you look at the scene …It is exactly the same restaurant! In fact, in both cases the scene ends with a driving accident, so that establishment seems to be gagged …

Bar in Little Hope

It does not appear that both accidents are linked in these Horror games, as the House of Ashes takes place in 2000 and Little Hope “today.”

What do you think of this wink for fans of The Dark Pictures Anthology? Have you detected any other Easter eggs that have escaped us? Before finishing, we remind you that you can already read our analysis of House of Ashes.

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