Valve juegos Steam Deck Verified

Valve now verifies Steam Deck compatibility with its game catalog

Without a doubt Valve put all the meat on the grill with the presentation of the Steam Deck, and although we are still a couple of months away from the first units of this console beginning to reach users, the fact of making use of an own operating system adapting Linux to this handheld computer, had some doubts about its compatibility with the platform’s game catalog.

And it is that Valve has just announced your new Deck Verified program, with which users will be able to know not only if their favorite games will work on the Steam Deck, but even their degree of compatibility and performance with up to four levels: unknown, unplayable, playable and verified, using some of his own games as an example to detail how these different ranks will be assigned.

Obviously, those games that have the Verified or Unknown label, will work at full capacity or will not have a rating yet.

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However, within the category Playable, we could meet compatible titles we should make some additional tweaks tosuch as Team Fortress 2, which requires downloading a community controller setup before you can use the Steam Deck front buttons and joysticks. On the other hand, Valve takes the opportunity to point out Half-Life: Alyx as a clear example of the experience Not playable for Steam Deck, anticipating the obvious that We will not be able to play any virtual or augmented reality title.

So, to make it easier for users to identify these games, all these badges will appear both in our Steam library and in the store. In addition, each time we go to buy a game from this handheld, we will be able to see a complete report of its compatibility, listing all the problems that we could expect when playing it.

Finally, Valve has confirmed that this verification system will continue to work after the arrival of the Steam Deck, constantly updating the labels according to the developers or the Steam Deck itself update their software.





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