Intel Alder Lake: Release Dates and First Available Solutions

lanzamiento de Alder Lake

The Alder Lake launch will occur on October 27th for effective availability of processors and motherboards from the November 4th, according to the documentation leaked by wccftech. On that date, new DDD5 memories from various manufacturers will also be available.

Intel Alder Lake is the chip giant’s most exciting processing platform in a decade. And it will come at a time where AMD has threatened Intel’s privileged position with the Ryzen and, not least, Apple has just shown its ability to extract the potential of the ARM architecture with the new SoC M1 Pro and Max for the renewal of your MacBook Pro laptops.

The launch of Alder Lake will mark changes at all levels in terms of designs and production of Intel’s central processing units. Although the company had already produced hybrid CPUs with the Lakefields, this will be the first to arrive as global and optimized processing solution. The idea of ​​mixing high-performance and low-power chips is known because the general idea follows the design philosophy big.LITTLE used by ARM,

Intel’s innovation is to do it on x86 architecture and with higher performance chips than ARMs in mobiles, offering solutions for all computing ranges from laptops to servers, while improving the performance of the integrated graphics thanks to the work developed for its new generation of solutions known as Intel Arc and adding the latest technologies and standards for PCs, such as DDR5 memory, the PCIe 5.0 interface, Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity or the new USB4.

Alder Lake Launch

The dates are confirmed as you can see in the following filtered capture. From what we see, the platform will debut with its most powerful models for desktop computers. Unlocked multiplier series ‘K’ and ‘KF’, to be followed by more mainstream variants in the coming weeks, early 2022 at the Las Vegas show, CES 2022.

The new motherboards will also be available. As you know, this platform will not be compatible with the current ones and the consumer who wants to use these CPUs will need to purchase a new board with an LGA 1700 socket and 600 series chipsets specifically designed for these Alder Lake. Intel has promised to keep socket + chipset for three generations of processors in order to get a return on the investment.

Although the boards will support current DDR4 memories, will debut the new generation DDR5 and a previous list from Intel tells us that there will be a lot of memory supply for the launch and specifically:

  • Kingston Fury Series Memory Kits
  • G.Skill Trident Z5 Memory Kits
  • Corsair Dominator Memory Kits
  • GeIL Polaris RGB Memory Kits
  • TeamGroup Elite Series Memory Kits
  • GALAX GAMER RGB Series DDR5 Memory Kits
  • PNY Performance Memory Kits
  • ADATA XPG CASTER Memory Kits
  • V-Color RGB Memory Kits
  • ZADAK SPARK Memory Kits
  • ASGARD Memory Kits

As for the processors that will hit the market first, the platform’s top of the range stands out: Core i9-12900K. A development with 8 high-performance cores, 8 low-power cores and 24 threads in total under the hybrid architecture we have been talking about. There are no official prices, but previous retail listings indicate that they will be high.

Bottom line: the Alder Lake launch will occur on October 27th at an Intel event for effective processor, motherboard, and memory availability beginning November 4. We are preparing a great analysis of this new generation. We already tell you.

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