The squid game has broken all kinds of barriers and records in Netflix, as it has become the most successful series in the history of the platform. Its profit has already been set at around 900 million dollars for the streaming service, and the Korean series has become a social and cultural phenomenon that has even inspired the creation of similar contests.

As with any successful product, parodies are not long in coming, and The Squid Game has been one of the protagonists of the last program of Saturday night Live with Rami Malek as presenter. The actor is in full promotion of No Time to Die and starred in several sketches, but the icing on the cake was a musical parody of the Korean series with Pete Davidson.

Beware, explicit spoilers from The squid game!

In this music parody video, Malek and Davidson parody the Netflix series and pose what it would be like The Squid Game in United States. The video begins with both dressed as cowboys in what looks like it will be a country music video, talking about how bad life is for them and their debts … until they tell us they are going to the competition.

“Well, I’ll have to play the squid game,” they settle at the end of the intro. From here we summarize the series step by step, waking up in the bunk room and seeing how his friends are falling like flies during the tests.

“A rare card. The guards wear pink. They have locked us in a large room. They have the Play Station symbols on their faces and the boss looks like Doctor Doom”

Parody of SNL recreates some of the most iconic points of the series and of course they do not forget the game Green light, red light with the wrist that detects movement. “The robot girl caught me moving, but I hid behind the guy who is closest,” Davidson explains in the video.

After eliminating all his friends and becoming the winner of the game, Davidson returns to his normal life … with a new hairstyle included and a wink at the possibilities of a second season of the series by getting into debt again and having to return to the competition.