How to find and defeat Captain Patricia in New World

How to find and defeat Captain Patricia in New World

We continue to reveal some of the most important points of New World, the MMORPG that is sweeping all the fans of this established multiplayer genre.

In this case, we focus on the mission “Farewell in darkness”. In it we will have to defeat Captain Patricia And because it can be a considerable challenge, here are some tips for you.

How to find and defeat Captain Patricia in New World

The NPC James Sexton will entrust you with this mission in Great Cleave and before going crazy towards it we recommend that you have a level 39 or higher, since the level of the enemies will be quite high.

Once you have everything ready, you must go to “Cleave’s Malice”, a place that is located south of the Frozen Claims region. After overcoming a complex of bandits, you will have to face a great rival.

The Captain Patricia has 6,440 HP, and in order to overcome it, we recommend that you go with Arcane damage, since it is weak to this element, which will drastically reduce your victory options.

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If you want to continue to know information about New World, you should know that, at the moment, the game will not reach consoles. Did you know that the game does not allow to put Amazon, Bezos and other variants in the name of our character?

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