What’s New in GTA Online This Week With Free GTA III Anniversary T-Shirt, Discounts and More

What's New in GTA Online This Week With Free GTA III Anniversary T-Shirt, Discounts and More

For him 20th anniversary Grand Theft Auto III next week, all GTA Online players who log in until October 20 will receive a t-shirt with free Rockstar font, with more apparel and special commemorative covers coming soon.

In addition, there will be Triple rewards now available in Sumo, works with special vehicles, missions of Gerald’s last move and those of contact, that offer the double of the bonuses.

On Sumo, The important is know your strengths, the weaknesses of your opponents and use both to your advantage in a battle of strategy and brute force. Concentrate and send your enemies to the other neighborhood for triple rewards all week.

Enjoy the Double GTA $ & RP on Special Vehicle Jobs and extra GTA $ in daily goals. Yes you meet the three daily goals, this week you will get a 50% more than GTA $.

Visit Gerald this week, or give him a call, because helping him and the families on a contact mission will provide you with the Double GTA $ and RP for the inconvenience.

LS Car Meet members who finish in the top 3 in 6 races of the LS Car Meet series in the next week will receive keys to a Vapid Dominator ASP.

Visit Benny’s this week to give the car a facelift and find hydraulic pumps at 50%. There is also a reduction of the 30% on the Declasse Moonbeam and Albany Primo, as well as his upgrades to Benny’s custom vehicles.

All garages are reduced by 40% the next seven days and these vehicles have discounts:

  1. Vapid Slamtruck – 30% off
  2. JoBuilt Hauler Custom – 30% off
  3. Lampadati Helmet – 40% discount
  4. Yosemite rancher – 30% off
  5. Vapid Clique – 40% discount

GTA Online temporarily fixes one of the most controversial recent decisions affecting one of the game’s trophies

Yes play GTA Online is giving you the odd headache, we leave you with the best routers of 2021 by price range.

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