The Squid Game is one of Netflix’s cheapest series, costing only 21.4 million

The Squid Game is one of Netflix's cheapest series, costing only 21.4 million

We continue talking about the series that has made more than one person want to eat a squid sandwich the size of a castle.

And it is that the success of The Squid Game is being meticulously analyzed by experts and by the competition of NetflixWhether it’s looking for valuable information or the formula to find the next streaming hit.

Bloomberg reports that the South Korean series was part of a $ 500 million investment that Netflix made on new South Korean content.

As you know, Netflix has a good number of series and movies from the Asian country, and some, like Kingdom, have been able to hook the western public.

Of those 500 million, 21.4 million dollars correspond to The Squid Game, which we could say had a cost of slightly more than 2.4 million for each of its nine episodes.

I feel a totally unknown property before its arrival on Netflix, it could have been a risk, although so were series like The Crown or Stranger Things at the time.

Although the comparisons are odious, each episode of season 1 of The Crown cost approximately $ 10 million.

Stranger Things, the series by the Duffer brothers, was somewhat shorter, with about 8 million for each episode of its first season.

Despite everything, the impact The Squid Game has had on Netflix, becoming the most successful series in the history of the platform, makes Netflix score a point with this investment.

And the second season? It will be necessary to see if the stars align and Hwang Dong-hyuk, creator of The Squid Game, is encouraged to prepare it as soon as possible.

It is still curious as a series with a “relative” low budget, it is capable of surpassing series that exceed its budget by a lot like a typhoon.

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