The series Here there is no one alive arrives in full on Netflix on October 15

The series Here there is no one alive arrives in full on Netflix on October 15

October news Netflix They come loaded with surprises. And it is that starting tomorrow, October 15, 2021, all the seasons of There is no one living here, one of the best comedy series on Spanish television.

Created by Iñaki Ariztimuño and Alberto Caballero, the series had a total of five seasons and had a wide cast of the stature of José Luis Gil, Fernando Tejero, Malena Alterio, Eduardo Gómez, Gemma Cuervo, Mariví Bilbao, Emma Penella, Daniel Guzmán, Santiago Ramos, María Adánez, Luis Merlo, Adriá Collado and Eva Isanta, among many others.

The series There is no one here who lives follows the day-to-day life of a community of neighbors belonging to the building at 21 Desengaño Street.

The community has a diverse group of neighbors, from the president of the community to the doorman of the building, passing through a homosexual couple and a trio of gossiping elderly neighbors.

Throughout its five seasons, the residents of Desengaño Street experience a multitude of the most hilarious and surreal situations, drawing viewers into more than one laugh.

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Its great success has made Here there is no one who lives in one of the best Spanish sitcoms in television history, joining other mythical titles such as 7 lives or Pharmacy on call.

One of its creators, Alberto Caballero, announced through Twitter the arrival of Here there is no one who lives on Netflix, making a funny joke comparing it to The Squid Game, which is right now the most successful series in Netflix history.

Thus, the creator of Here there is no one alive compared his series to The Squid Game, claiming that it is like the Korean production, only in a community of neighbors. Now we can’t help but imagine the tests of The Squid Game with neighbors like Juan Cuesta, la Herbs, La Pija, La Golfa, Marisa, Mauri or Emilio fighting for their lives.

The series Here there is no one who lives will be available in full in the Netflix catalog starting tomorrow, October 15, 2021.

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